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Community Ministry – Role Models by Reynold Friesen

Drawing connections between unlike things is something I take pleasure in.  Two random experiences today, although dissimilar, seemed to be tied together with a common thread. In the heat of our Annual Campership Fundraiser I was inside the kitchen near a door, a neighbourhood mom rushed in looking for another plate to serve.  Under her breath,…

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Strangers No More by Elsie Epp

Sunday, January 14, 2018 two Bethel Care Groups got together for a baby shower celebrating the birth of Olivia, our newly ‘adopted’ granddaughter. She and her parents were introduced to some of the usual Canadian traditions that go with a shower – pink decorations and punch, gifts, well wishes and, of course, snacks. A good…

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Community Ministry – Hospitality by Reynold Friesen

Hospitality runs through the veins of the Bible.  Abraham and Sarah offer three strangers conversation and a meal and are blessed for it.  The widow of Zaraphath cares for Elijah despite her poverty.  Zacchaeus welcomes Jesus into his home.  Hospitality is mandated in the laws of the Old Testament:  “ When an alien resides with you…

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