Now when it comes to sense of style, Reynold’s in a bit of a rut

No bowties, pleated pants or dress shirts make the cut

Nope….its khakis or jeans and a small print plaid shirt

Long sleeves or short…….either one…it’s doesn’t hurt.


Does he even own a belt??? We’ll never know

His shirt’s always untucked ….so if he has one……it’d never show.

And what’s with those undershirts he wears every day?

White ones usually…or black, green or grey.


But that’s our Reynold ……and his appearance speaks to the man

Comfortable, unencumbered, the genuine quality type of brand

Reynold it’s now time to replace your comfy pair of shoes

Try on new ones, break them in gently..…what have you got to lose?


You are a size extra large in our hearts and our souls

We will miss you, you big galoot, more than you will ever be told.