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Six Word Memoirs I

Bethel congregants were asked to compose six word memoirs to try to encapsulate their journey with God. Here are the first ones: Thanks to all my guardian angels. We are not our own creator. Wandering around faith.  Learning some things. God’s not done with me yet. God’s call is not without bumps. Learning, while teaching,…

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Reynold – a poem by Waldy Ens

hand cradles Bible billowing words updrafting multi-coloured parachute of love lifts us up into his world of convicted care book held firmly spine traversing life-line and he paces our reality wordsour level wordsour fraying carpet long strides journeying and arm reaching to elusive uneasy truth still cradling close to the heart the word not as…

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Farewell Reynold – a poem by Maureen Penner

Now when it comes to sense of style, Reynold’s in a bit of a rut No bowties, pleated pants or dress shirts make the cut Nope….its khakis or jeans and a small print plaid shirt Long sleeves or short…….either one…it’s doesn’t hurt.   Does he even own a belt??? We’ll never know His shirt’s always…

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